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Campus Confidentiality (Movie)

Share the post “Campus Confidentiality (Movie)”FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInDiggStumbleUponE-mailRating: 5/5 Things start turning upside down in school when transfer student Violet comes around. Not knowing any of the unofficial monarchy rules in school, she breaks practically all of them and turns into the laughing stock of the school. Her new friend, Cornelia and herself team up to change […]

Mean Girls (Movie)

Share the post “Mean Girls (Movie)”FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInDiggStumbleUponE-mailRating: 5/5 I love this movie! It’s about a girl from Africa who fits in with the plastics, the mean, prettiest and most popular girls in school. She pretends to be their friends so she can overthrow the leader of the plastics, and to get the boy she likes. Click […]

The Hunger Games Movie

Share the post “The Hunger Games Movie”FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInDiggStumbleUponE-mailRating: 4/5 I recommend this movie. The movie is okay. ┬áIt’s worth seeing but not the first time it’s played at the movies (midnight through 3 A.M.). I like the book much better. The movie’s visualization isn’t that great. It felt like it went by too quickly. The movie […]